How to increase your Bluetooth range in your home

We all love Bluetooth devices whether it’s a speaker or any other device. The technology is getting advanced and that’s why we all are getting smarter too. This leads our basic gadget getting smarter and wireless with connection through our Bluetooth. Which is good as now we don’t have to worry about wiring and all. The Bluetooth devices are really much better than the old version and can be used in a more better and advanced way.

But the thing that we don’t like at all must be the range of some devices giving so fewer ranges and when there is an object in between the range gets more or less. So what can we do to make that increase and make us love our Bluetooth more, Let’s start with the knowledge about Bluetooth range?

What is the Bluetooth range?

It’s simple as it sound the range of Bluetooth that is depending on your device. Have you noticed that every device has its own set of range limit? Some works super good and van be connected outside the house but some just work inside the room and in a small area.

So why is that?

The concept to understand this is very simple as the Bluetooth just like any other wireless network comes in different classes. In which it depends how far the range of your Bluetooth is going to get. One can easily Extend bluetooth range using extenders at your home or office.

What are those classes?

Well, there are 3 types that decide how far the connection of your Bluetooth device is going to get.

Class 1 letting you go at the range of 100 meters or you can say up to 328ft, without any obstacle to stop the range and connection.

Class 2 letting you go at the range of just 10 meters this is what I was saying that just works inside the room.

Class 3 letting you connect your Bluetooth device in the range of less than 10 meters.

So we saw the ranges you get from your Bluetooth devices class. Depending on them you get your devices and gadgets made mostly you will see class 2 in your Bluetooth headset and small gadgets. The class 1 is used in your big gadgets like Xbox, Playstation and systems that need more range and connectivity. Class 3 is the least used and these days you won’t see it in many devices as of its connectivity issues.

Like I said it depends on your class but that doesn’t mean it is only limited to that.

People made us think it’s limited to that. Let’s just say Bluetooth is you and your voice is the waves that come from Bluetooth. Now there is another person that working here as a receiver and his ear is the one who’s receiving. The device is your lungs from which you will send the waves right? So if I make the person stand In front of you and make talk you will send less waves, right? But as you are Bluetooth right now and you can not control the waves making them less and max. It’s fixed that you will send the same wave so let’s say you shout the receiver is in front of you it will hear better. Now I take the receiver a little far from you he will still get your waves but little less, now I take him 50 meters away your waves range limit is 100 meters so he will still hear you. Now I take the receiver 100 meters the maximum of your voice range what will happen? The receiver will receive the audio almost like you are whispering.

But what If I told you there was no limit inside you the waves can go further, we just need to take that limiter and make you scream. Then once you scream the receiver will hear you even at 150 meters or maybe 200 meters. So the same thing is with Bluetooth what we need to do to take its range further is that we have to make it scream.

So there are things you can do to make it scream.

1st is upgrading nowadays the Bluetooth devices coming with better update that send your scream means the Bluetooth waves up to 800ft. So the receiver can receive it easily.

2nd are use the hacks, try searching hacks or DIY on the internet they show how to increase the range of your Bluetooth devices easily.

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