5 Easy Ways to Survive Long Runs on the Treadmill

For gym lovers, treadmills are a famous tool and the most favorite in the room. In addition to the easy way to use it, the Treadmill is also a sports tool for more effective results. Several ways must be considered when using a treadmill so that the results obtained are more effective.

If you are wrong in using a treadmill that is not according to the rules, of course, this will only end in vain. Besides that, it will also not produce maximum results if you do not pay attention properly. If you don’t know how to use a treadmill effectively, you can follow these tips.

Doing sports does not have to go out of the house or room. Just in the gym, you can do various types of sports. Including doing exercise using a treadmill. The following are things that need to be considered so that sports activities using a treadmill produce useful results, including:

1. Mode feature

Through this feature, you can run uphill so that calories can be burned. When running uphill, calories can indeed be burned, and this is certainly different when compared to running on a flat track. But keep in mind that those of you still at the beginner stage is not recommended to use this feature.

We recommend using the features gradually, for example, by jogging or walking on the Treadmill for about 15 to 30 minutes for three days a week. If your body is accustomed to treadmill workouts, you will start to insert the incline’s running feature. However, you are also advised to make one Treadmill running session first so that the body begins to get used to it.

2. Change the Running Speed ​​on the Treadmill

If exercise activities are not dull and produce more effective results, you can run by combining treadmill running sessions with the interval running type. For interval running itself to be a combination of slow running or speed that you usually use, or it can also be sprinting for a specific time. Use good treadmill running shoes for long run.

Interval running is long or short, but this depends on the needs of a person. Meanwhile, treadmills have programmed options so you can create your own.

3. Run

Doing long-term running will undoubtedly take a long time and is quite tiring. However, for long-term running, it is indeed useful for building endurance. Meanwhile, the running distance depends on your condition, whether it can change according to increased endurance or not.

It’s a good idea to add more long-term running sessions to once a week, about twice as long as your usual routine. Make sure that you keep running until the session is over. Meanwhile, this will delay the running speed.

4. Don’t Hold the Handrail on the Treadmill

The mistake you should avoid when exercising on a treadmill is holding on to the handrail. Holding on to it will only help you get on and off the Treadmill safely. However, when running on a treadmill, you have to train your upper body shape according to the appropriate running pose, namely holding your arms at a 90-degree angle. It’s the same as when you run on the street.

Besides, you also have to make sure that your body is in an upright position. But there’s no need to lean towards the front. It is because it will pull the legs back later. This way, you don’t have to pull off the carpet when moving. When the body leans forward, this can cause back and neck pain.

5. Use a Fitness Tracker

You can use a fitness tracker such as the head beat monitor feature, which will better allow you to monitor heart rate changes. Some of the latest treadmill sports equipment is equipped with a heart rate monitor programmed into the machine. You must pay attention to the part other than the numbers on the monitor screen.

If the heart rate has not accelerated, you can increase the intensity by increasing the speed, and it will make the angle of the trajectory higher compared to the incline mode. Ensure that the slope does not exceed 7%. The goal is to prevent injury or fatigue.

To exercise more effectively using your Treadmill, you can use the cooling down feature according to what you have. To do this is also very easy, by simply pressing one button. In this way, the treadmill speed can slowly decrease. If you want to exercise effectively and efficiently without leaving the house, then a treadmill is the most recommended choice.


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