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Photo by Griffin Davis

Photo by Griffin Davis







Rolling Stone premiered "Push Down & Twist" and hosted a free MP3 giveaway. Have a listen and download the track on RollingStone.com.

MTVHive hosted our surf track Sharkbite - Nov. 1, 2012 read here


"Ghost of Bo Diddley" featured in “TRAVEL WELL” JULIAN DAVIDSON AND NICK GARCIA:


"Ghost of Bo Diddley" featured in ESPN series concept The KIDS:

"Untitled Jam No.1" featured in Element Skate Boards cruiser board ad:


“A guided tour of primal pre/60s American rock'n'roll. Lots of yummy gristle but no unnecessary excess.” - Village Voice

“Fresh-faced old souls Frank Hoier and Moselle Spiller
bring a contemporary elegance to their early American-rock
inspired sound.”
- The Vinyl District

"Shake Can Well shows off excellent pop sensibilities and high voltage slide-guitar work in between the crashing cymbals, not to mention their playful, fun-loving attitude that so easily comes across in their songs."-Styrofoamdrone

"straight to the grimy, messy heart of rock ‘n’ roll. Show Pony conveys the giddy delight of discovery that must have transpired between the two when they first sat down to play."
- Magnet Magazine's BEST OF 2010: Hidden Treasures

"Oozes punk thunder through a smoke screen of Delta ache. It’s an honor to be mentioned in the same breath with The White Stripes and Led Zeppelin, and the most thrilling moments on Show Pony actually earn the privilege."
- American Songwriter

"Take the roaring, frenetic guitar of T-Rex’s “20th Century Boy” from the 1973 album “Tanx.” Then add …
The swinging dirty Delta blues of “The Originator” on Bo Diddley’s self-titled 1957 album. Then add …The spooky Mississippi blues of John Lee Hooker from “Boom Boom.
The sum? Show Pony.”

- NY Post

"In the age of laptops and loops, Frank and Moselle are still burning the house down with drums, guitar, vocals, and a little reverb."
-NY Is Boring

"a solid 20 minute explosion of blues, atomic 50's rock n roll and dripping reverb."
- The Fire Note

"wild and multifaceted swingin’ Bo Diddley sounds."
- Sonic Reducer

"a fun and accomplished duo with a raw, gutsy sound."
- Pittsburgh City Paper

"loud, raring debut, the aptly named “Show Pony,” a nod to the two’s gig enthusiasm."
- Brooklyn Paper

"blows out my ear drums (in a good way)."
- Perfect Porridge