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Crushed Out is an electrified honky-tonk surf duo from Brooklyn, NY. Crushed Out is pure early rock & roll wild child joy - plenty of tube amp howl, hip shaking Bo Diddley beats, surfy wet reverb and unbridled vocals. Their love for the energy, imagination, emotion, attitude, style and sound of the beginnings of rock&roll are the very heart and structure of Crushed Out, what Bob Dylan once called the "atomic era" of recorded music.

Want to Give is Crushed Out's debut album, released Nov. 6 2012 on their own imprint Cool Clear Water Records. Recorded both at Brooklyn's Bunker Studio as well as Crushed Out's own analog studio in a rural New Hampshire barn, the tracks were all self-produced and mixed by John Davis. Like 2010 EP Show Pony, Want to Give is direct, true and alive; the full sound of two spirits burned into analog tape, joy, growl, worts and all. Want to Give showed them branching out into a wider scope of genres; from the Surf Fuzz blues of "Sharkbite" to the murder ballad show tune "Miss Mouse", to "Country Star" a Hank/Patsy era original country song sung by Moselle . The songwriting showed a wider range of storytelling, characters and emotional themes; from the childishness of adults on "Temper Tantrum", the emotional weight of "Weigh You Down", to addiction in the dance-craze inspired "Push Down & Twist". Even using found lyrics word for word from the safety instructions of an aerosol oil can for the slide-blues stomp anthem "Shake Can Well". Ecstatic title track rocker "Want to Give" touches upon the human cycle of giving, as does "Firelight", a droning spaced out slide guitar mantra inspired by the lights and fires that bring people together, and what they bring to the circle. Buddy Holly-esque rocker "Black & Purple" takes a true story tale in 1971 of Frank's teenage mother's Black Sabbath record being broken by her older brother.

The couple met in the hall of the Bushwick, Brooklyn apartment building both were living in; Singer/guitarist Frank a rambling acoustic songwriter from Southern California, drummer Moselle a recent art school graduate. Frank came home one day to find Moselle had taped 2 mix CDs to his door; Fleetwood Mac Blues Band and The Velvet Underground. The two bonded over art and music. Because of their loud neighborhood in Brooklyn, they were able to set up a drum kit and amp right in their apartment. Within one year they had self-released a well received EP, 2010's Show Pony, and toured to the west coast on a self booked run that looped the US. Show Pony was all Little Richard wildness, Link Wray guitar roar, Sun & Chess Records shake, twang & tremble, 8 original songs that ranged from Highway 61 Americana, Country Blues to 60's Surf; filtered through the lenses and hearts of two kids in 21st century Brooklyn.

After their 6th national tour the couple were forced to change their band name due to a trademark issue. The couple set about reworking all their artwork, and the band was reborn as Crushed Out. Finding the name in 1920's slang for breaking out of jail, they visualized meaning in Crushed Out from waves rolling rocks into sand, to the cycle of life and the weight and importance of love. To be Crushed Out is to stay young, open and wildly inspired.

Crushed Out has had the honor of opening for the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, The Gories, Band of Skulls, Social Distortion, The Do, Shilpa Ray, Screaming Females, The Fleshtones and has enjoyed playing with countless other amazing acts across America over the last few years.